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District Developer Services is a boutique management consultancy offering residential and commercial project and development management for the luxury sector. We specialize in providing hands-on, experienced and effective services to private sector developers, investors and end-users.

We have extensive experience working with the Development community on complex projects. As Development Managers we act as an extension to the Developer Team, and take a project from inception through to completion. This typically involves identifying the initial deal and working through the development pro-forma, which continues through to the Due Diligence / Underwriting, dealing with financing and investor relations, managing the entitlements, Building Department permitting & approvals, community and stakeholder outreach, through to overseeing the construction and handover stages. We manage the Client Team / Steering Committee, Project Team, any third parties and negotiate all the necessary approvals for the project. We work hand in hand with the real estate agents throughout the process to ensure the marketing and delivery of the project is aligned with the exit strategy of the deal.



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